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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click

Let Us Bring Confidence To Your PPC/Adwords Campaigns By AMIRA SOLUTION Reasearch Team. Pay Per Click Is One Of The Most Powerful And Direct Forms Of Marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC)/Adwords

Pay per Click (PPC) is a paid service that puts external links of your classifieds at different pages of the search result of Google. The success of this service lies in the fact that you get some income the moment the classifieds are clicked by the visitors. These clicks transport them to your business website. It generates a fairly good chance of converting a visitor to a potential customer. Quite obviously, this business strategy brings your business the top three services of digital marketing, and the success is almost guaranteed.

The success lies in directly meeting the needs of different people. With over a billion people doing searches on Google for goods and services of all kinds, there is no limit to what you can achieve with a properly managed PPC/Adwords campaign.

Effective PPC campaign. We value each $ spent

Over the years we have worked with hundred of businesses of all sizes around the globe and nearby areas on the PPC/Adwords campaigns. We help remedy poor campaigns, help you discover new opportunities and help improve campaign profits. Talk to us today if you are looking to:

> Decide on in-house campaign managements VS external management
> Move your account from an old agency
> Improve the management of your PPC/Adwords account.

We help you deliver measurable goals that will guarantee every amount is spent effectively.

Why AMIRA SOLUTION is top PPC/Adwords Company from the decade

We take care of every step of the PPC/Adwords process. Before we get to work on your Adwords account, we spend most of the time on keyword analysis and research and then offer advice on keywords that will yield the most returns for your advertising budget.

As soon as our team is satisfied with the keyword research, we then set up various adverts using the most searched keywords. This approach helps us to sustain a high click-through rate.

When the campaign is live, we still analyse each campaign to work out the effectiveness and consider optimisation. To help us achieve this, we do regular campaign testing, keyword testing and keyword costs. Most importantly, we keep our customers in the loop at all times. We will let you know if there is the possibility of costs changes in the process of the campaign.